Write a Resume That Gets You an Unfair Advantage

Insider secrets of a New York hiring manager

This course will make you feel as though a senior New York executive is serving as your personal mentor to provide you with guidance that will enable you to approach confidently the second most important executive in your career: the hiring manager.

[The most important is you!]

The hiring manager is the executive who controls the company budget with which you can be hired and paid. Don't confuse her or him with an HR Executive, assistant, or "career coach." As gatekeepers, their job is to screen you and keep you away from the hiring manager so she can focus on other work. An improper screening can get the HR Manager in trouble!

That's why a hiring manager's requirements are often different than those of an HR Manager, assistant, career coach, or a career counselor. You'll learn that hiring managers want to know about you and your quantified accomplishments, not your "experience." And in this 61-minute course you'll learn to calculate and communicate your accomplishments and appropriate personal facts in the most impressive terms!

HR Managers, assistants, career coaches, and career counselors have to avoid making what they may perceive as mistakes. They make sure candidates' resumes include the right skills, the most appropriate experience, the "correct" college degree, and more. By presenting candidates who match closely the specifications outlined in the company's "talent requisition form" (developed by the the HR Department), nobody can claim a mistake was made if the candidate turns out to be less than adequate on the job. But, unlike the hiring manager. who knows what's really required for the job, forms generally can't identify the special qualities that cause a candidate to look extraordinary to a hiring manager.

In fact, a hiring manager can set aside the requirements written on the talent requisition form if she meets a candidate that gives her a good feeling.

This course isn't for everyone. If you're a medical professional, government worker, teacher or professor, attorney, or other professional who's department or direct performance isn't evaluated by profit & loss, don't buy this course.

People who have advanced in their business careers know the importance of making a positive impact on the bottom line. But few others understand how to express that knowledge. Those who focus their resume work histories on the 3 core needs of business are the people who go directly to the front of the line for consideration.

And that should be you.

Many executives have never heard of the principles described in this course, and that's good! If everybody knew them you wouldn't be able to benefit from this powerful unfair advantage!

Take this course now and receive step-by-step instructions on writing the resume that will get you hired. You have nothing to lose with my unconditional "no questions asked" 30-day money back guarantee!

Your Instructor

Professor Mark Levit
Professor Mark Levit

I'm thrilled to share with you much of what I learned during my 35-year career as a New York executive. My career has been an extraordinary ride starting with an insatiable curiosity about careers and corporations since before I left for college. I spent hours in the university's library self-studying those topics. I've been fascinated by how corporate executives operate and by the ways they succeeded. That's why I observed closely what they did, how they spoke, and the ways they interacted with others, subordinates, superiors, and peers. And when I landed at the top of the advertising agency business, I discussed candidates and careers often with colleagues at corporations, major and small.

After graduating from a Midwest university, I set my sights on New York where I was courted and hired by some of the world's most prominent advertising agencies.

When I finally became Managing Partner of my own New York agency, some of the topics I'd discuss were ways to identify the best candidates in a room or out of a pile of resumes. I made some exciting discoveries to share with you!

I've been a Professor at New York University, Hofstra University, and the University of Miami, as well as a regular guest speaker at Pace University and Hofstra University's Intensive MBA for physicians, too. Those experiences provided me with fresh and valuable perspectives. For one, I established we really don't learn workplace skills in college. And second, I discovered I love teaching!

I'm Professor Mark Levit. I've reached a point in my career when I can teach what you need to know—instead of only what university bureaucrats think you should know. So, I teach you how to align your aspirations, expectations, and career goals with the needs of employers. (I work with employer organizations too, for a better understanding on both sides.)

I'm a seasoned New York advertising agency executive, serial entrepreneur, and university professor with pioneering expertise in ecommerce, online learning, and digital marketing.

I've become well-versed in Career Advancement, Education, Training, Communication, Workflow Optimization, and Management.

I'm excited you're here and feel grateful for the opportunity to share my expertise with you!

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